Standish House Bed & Breakfast
Carroll County

540 West Carroll Street 
Lanark, Illinois 61078

We are location number on the Carroll County Map

Lodging at Hickory HideawayOur house was originally built in 1883 abd has been modernized over the years by Fred and Norman Standish to include four bedrooms with two completely new kitchens and lavatory facilities.  The house is air-condiioned.  The house is furnished with English antiques and original art work as a living museum.  We have a patio with a conopy in the backyard which visitors can enjoy.  Recreational faciliities also include shuffle board on our driveway and croquet on our back lawn. 


Norman, the owner of Standish House Bed and Breakfast, is the tenth generation from Myles Standish and is also decended from four other passengers - George Soule, Edward Doty, William Mullins, and John Alden, who also came to America on the Mayflower.  In order to perpetuate the memory of our forefathers, Standish House Bed and Breakfast is operated as a "livin museum" of Pilgrim History.  Each year Norman and his wife Ingrid speak to school children, churches, libraries and civic groups so that they better understand the history of the Pilgrims.

You can contact us by:
Phone: 815 493 2307